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What are the benefits of donating eggs?

By donating eggs, you will be giving a profound, lifelong gift to a couple yearning for a child. Your donation will change a couple's entire life, enabling them to become parents and build a family. As a donor has said,

"Egg donation is one of the most rewarding deeds a person can do to a fellow human being. The thought that you have made a GIFT OF LIFE to an infertile couple, creating not only new life but also changing a couple's status to a family, filled with joy and satisfaction."

With egg donation, in addition to the feeling of goodwill that comes from your ultimate act of human kindness, you will also receive immediate, tangible benefits from your egg donation. First, you will receive, at no cost to you, a comprehensive medical examination, including a battery of blood tests, which will reassure you of your clean bill of health. Second, you will receive, also at no cost to you, a full fertility assessment to determine the extent of your own fertility potential for having your own children; egg donors find it reassuring to know that their eggs and ovaries are healthy, and that their chances for having their own children in the future will be excellent. Finally, in appreciation to you for your gift of eggs, and in recognition of the time and effort required of you to prepare your eggs for donation, you will receive financial compensation of $8,000, which many egg donors find helpful in supporting themselves through school or supplementing their regular income.

Women volunteer to donate eggs for all of the above reasons, and the benefit to you will include all of the above. Most importantly, even many years into the future, you will remember the kindness that you performed for fellow human beings in need. As an actual donor put it, "Sure the money came in handy, and believe me it was well spent, but the true meaning of what a wonderful deed I have done came years later when my own children were born."







How do I apply to be an egg donor?

If you are interested in donating eggs (oocytes in the scientific terminology), or if you think you may be interested and want to find out more information, you may call or email us here at the Fertility Institute. We will mail you an application form for our Egg Donation Program, which you may complete at your leisure and return to us. Upon receiving your application for egg donation, we will contact you and invite you to come meet with us here at the Institute. You will meet with our clinical egg donor coordinators, who have many years of experience and the highest levels of professionalism, expertise, and sensitivity in working with egg donors.

If your characteristics match a profile requested by a particular couple in need of donated eggs, you will undergo a series of tests to determine your overall medical health and fertility potential, and to ensure your eligibility for our Egg Donation Program. This testing will include a medical and family history, complete physical examination, ultrasound examination of your ovaries, and blood tests to measure your hormone levels.

You will also be screened to make sure you do not have any active infections, and you will undergo genetic blood testing as well to confirm that you do not have any serious hereditary conditions. You will also be asked to participate in a psychological interview. Upon completing all of this testing, you will be notified of your final eligibility for the Egg Donation Program. If you are eligible, you will be able to proceed with the egg donation process.

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How do I donate my eggs?

Besides the medical and financial benefits mentioned above, by donating, you will give a wonderful gift to an infertile couple yearning for a child.

The medical procedures involved in egg donation can be divided into three phases, which can begin as soon as you are determined to be an eligible donor. All procedures in all phases are performed at no cost to you, and all of the various medications you will need to take are also provided to you at no cost. At the Institute, we are committed to making the process as easy and smooth for you as possible. You are providing a tremendous service to a couple in need, and we will help you to stay focused on the good feelings that come from doing so.

First phase - The first step is to regulate your cycle in order to properly synchronize your ovaries and eggs with the cycle of the person who will be receiving your eggs, called the recipient. In order to properly synchronize, you will take a daily birth control pill for anywhere from several days to several weeks to regulate your cycle.

Second phase - Once your menstrual cycle is regulated and synchronized, you will begin to take daily injections of a natural hormone called FSH, which stimulates egg development within your ovaries. These injections are given through a tiny needle just under the skin, using a special injection "pen" that administers just the correct dose and does not require any complicated mixing. The injection pen is designed for self-injection, similar to insulin injections which people with diabetes often give themselves at home every day. We will teach you how to use this injection pen, and we will coach you in its use so that you will be comfortable doing these injections yourself at home each day. The injections only stimulate the development of those eggs that your ovaries are naturally preparing for that month. The injections do not cause your egg supply to be depleted, and will not affect the number of eggs you have in your ovaries in the future.

Third phase - Once your eggs from that month are mature and ready to be donated, these eggs will be removed from your ovaries. Since this procedure, called an egg retrieval, will be performed while you are sedated with light anesthesia, you will experience no discomfort. While you are sedated, a thin needle is guided into your ovaries using ultrasound guidance, and the mature eggs are removed. This process takes approximately 15 minutes, following which you will rest here at the Institute for 30-60 minutes, and will then need someone to drive you home.

When and where will the Egg Donation procedure take place?

The egg donation process takes place at our Institute in Westwood, NJ. If you reside locally, you will find our location to be very convenient, as we are accessible from several major highways. Everything is done on site at the Institute, so you will not have to travel anywhere else, including to any hospitals or surgery centers, during your egg donation process. Because everything is done on site, you will get to know our staff very well and will feel supported and comfortable at our office.

We also care for many egg donors who live in other areas of the U.S. as well. If you live a long distance from us, we can arrange most of your care from afar, and most of your required testing can be done in your local area. You will need to travel to our Institute on at least two occasions, and possibly only on these two occasions: once to meet with us initially so we can get to know you and determine your eligibility to participate in the Egg Donation program, and once for the egg retrieval procedure when we actually remove the eggs you are donating.

It usually takes 6-10 weeks from the time you apply to be an egg donor until completion of the egg donation process. This time frame is contingent upon the timing of your cycle and the recipient's cycle, as your cycles need to be synchronized properly. We will walk you through the process every step of the way and make sure you are comfortable and clear at each step. Your convenience and time constraints are also of great importance to us, and we will work with you to accommodate your scheduling needs throughout the egg donation process.

Will my donation be anonymous?

Yes. The egg donation process is completely anonymous. Your identity will be held in the strictest confidence, and will not be revealed to the recipient couple. Likewise, the identity of the recipient couple will not be revealed to you. To protect your rights and the recipient's rights, both you and the recipients will sign consent forms prior to beginning the egg donation process. While the Institute does not provide legal advice as we are not legal experts, anonymous egg donation has been upheld by courts throughout the world as a valid agreement between donor and recipient. Both the donor and the recipient have the legal right to remain anonymous to each other, and the recipient is the full legal mother of the child. As the donor, you do not need to worry about having any "strings attached"; you provide a tremendous kindness to the recipient, and you walk away when the process is over and continue with your everyday life with no concerns.

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